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Cheryl Garcia


Wacky Women in History

Cheryl Garcia

About Me

About Me


I have been making art my whole life.  At a young age I started drawing cartoons and then moved on to figure drawing, Chinese brush painting and pastels all while working a full-time job.  Then retirement and COVID hit and I found myself searching for ways to make art that entertained myself and others.  I started creating crazy faces using all kinds of materials like ink, cloth, watercolors, and handmade papers.  My Wacky Women series started with some handmade paper with images of Frida Kahlo repeated over and over.  I used the paper to make hair and one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had created my version of Frida Kahlo. 


There have been so many wonderful, interesting and powerful women throughout history that I decided to make a project of creating wacky versions of women who I find interesting.  As I started sharing my “Wackys” on Facebook my friends started sending me more and more names of women to do.  Hence my Wacky Women population keeps growing. 


Wacky Women



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